urban planning

Urban planning is a complex matter, which has become more complex in recent years due to increasing juridical and competencial regulation; thus the teams who draft urban plans need to be highly specialized. The current economic and social situation creates the need for transversal analysis of parameters such as mobility, social distribution, economic resources, building stock, free space, equipment, etc. which can best be handled by a multidisciplinary team such as that of GRUPO TECOPY in which architects, engineers, lawyers, geographers, economists, environmental scientists and historians work together on urban and land-use planning.

Aware of the importance and implications of urban planning, at GRUPO TECOPY, we approach all of our projects by placing special emphasis on citizen debate and input, on strategic environmental evaluation and on the use of new technologies and Geographical Information Systems to make effective decisions and to carry out sustainable, professional management.

Our renowned team of professionals, as well as the credibility the use of technologically advanced tools provides, has allowed us to carry out urban planning on all scales and in different areas of Spain. The drafting of more than 30 figures of general planning, 10 special plans for the protection of historical areas as well as the drafting of some of the biggest partial plans for industrial land attest to the quality of our team in drafting urban planning. GRUPO TECOPY has extensive experience in planning on all scales (general, development, strategic, etc.):

  • General Urban Development Plan for Medina del Campo (Valladolid).
  • General Urban Development Plan for Toro (Zamora).
  • General Urban Development Plan for Almazán (Soria).
  • General Urban Development Plan for Uceda (Guadalajara).
  • General Urban Development Plan for Campo Lameiro (Pontevedra).
  • Special Plan for the Protection of the Historical Area in Ávila.
  • Special Plan of the Protection of Concello de Monterroso (Lugo).
  • Partial Plan for Industrial Land for the Castilla Channel: Corcos, Cigales and Cabezón (Valladolid).