Asset Management: Inventory of Assets

Asset Management: Inventory of Assets

The Law requires the public administration to have an updated inventory of all of its assets and rights. The inventory of assets is the primary tool in defending and protecting these assets. GRUPO TECOPY has been carrying out inventories of assets for Spanish municipalities for the past ten years.

There is a legal framework, which deals with the public administration’s assets. This legislation regulates the way in which an inventory may be carried out. The most relevant laws are:

  • Law 7/1985, 2 April, regulating Local Databases.
  • RD 1372/86, 13 June, Regulation on Local Government Assets.
  • Law of Assets, Law 33/2003, 3 November.
  • RD 1373/2009, 28 August, approving the General Regulations in Law 33/2003, 3 November, concerning public assets.
  • Mortgage law and regulations.
  • Law 11/2007 concerning the electronic access of citizens to public services.

The GRUPO TECOPY works on the following:

  • Study and cataloguing of records.
  • Fieldwork: Data collection, photographs, measurements, etc.
  • Furniture labelling.
  • Furniture and building evaluation.
  • Development of maps associated with the assets.
  • Reports on physical and legal property.
  • Inventory computerization: Uploading inventory management data onto the cooresponding computer application.
  • Cadastral file management.
  • Expert reports on the identification and assessment of buildings.
  • Registry, cadastral and physical checks of property.