Georeferenced Inventories

Georeferenced Inventories

GRUPO TECOPY is specialized in consulting services related to land management, with an emphasis on the use of Geographic Information Systems. Our company has extensive experience in developing applications and can optimize inventories to any territorial scale and include a geographic component.

Georeferenced inventory management with Geographic Information Systems offers the following advantages:

  • Facilitates infrastructure management and property assets (buildings, plots, spaces) for public and private companies and organizations.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Maximizes the operation and availability of spaces.
  • Offers solutions using commercial and free software (ESRI-ArcGIS, AutoCAD).

It can be used on any territorial scale (provincial, local, municipal or corporate) and with different applications:

National and provincial:

  • Geographic Information System for the surveying of local infrastructure and local equipment.

Equipment and infrastructures on municipal and local scale:

  • Georreferenced municipal asset inventories in accordance with current regulations.

Urban land and space management (local scale):

  • PlurCAD, NorepaCAD.
  • Customized AutoCAD/AutoCAD MAP.
  • Writing for planning in accordance with the Instructions and Technical Rules for Standardization.
  • Integration of CAD/GIS and land planning.

Property management and inventories (corporate scale):

  • Creation of spaces.
  • Resource allocation to spaces.
  • Information point.
  • Search for spaces and resources.
  • WEB viewer.