Records Management

Records Management

Interest in the use of technology has been growing in recent years. Public administrations, companies and other groups have begun using technologies in their daily tasks and activities.

Records management is the set of technical and practical rules that apply principles of streamlining and economy to the management of records. This consists of managing the flow of all types of documents, allowing access to the information contained in them, determining how long to save them, deleting them when they are no longer useful and preserving the most valuable documents indefinitely.

Any company or agency, which has ever tried to carry out, any type of data treatment or records management has had to work with the following objectives:

  • Organize and manage files or data sources.
  • Preserve collections of relevant documents.
  • Disseminate information.

The digitalization of records has several direct effects, such as:

  • Reducing time (costs).
  • Freeing up space.

Law 11/2007, 22 June, concerning electronic access of citizens to public services, promotes the digitalization of documents that both citizens and the administration generate and process.

GRUPO TECOPY has the computing infrastructure needed to be a leader in the information sector. We know how to work with the appropriate hardware and software, from mobile devices and information capture technology, to high-speed scanners for large formats (up to DinA0).

GRUPO TECOPY offers these services:

  • Study and cataloguing of records.
  • Document scanningand incorporation into management systems.
  • Digitalization and georeferencing of any territorial element: for example no parking zones, waste containers, etc.
  • Implementation of Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Development of customized solutions to catalogue and manage all types of information.
  • Dissemination of geographical information.