Geospatial Analysis and Enviornment

The activities of the Grupo Tecopy’s Geospatial Analysis and Environment Department focus on the provision of services, consulting and product development along a wide range of thematic lines.

GRUPO TECOPY, aware of the increasing demand for all types of services related to the environment and the use of new technologies in geospatial areas, continues working on training professional teams with the aim of providing a wider range of services in all areas of consulting, environmental engineering and the analysis, exploitation and use of geospatial information.

GRUPO TECOPY provides consulting on:

  • Geospatial Solutions (processing, distribution ...)
  • Thematic Cartography and Geology (map generation, updates ...)
  • Forest Management (monitoring, analysis ...)
  • Environmental Consulting (consultancy, studies ...)
  • Pollution and Waste Services (measurement, control, management …)