Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Today, all companies must be concerned with the environment. Sometimes this concern is by personal choice; sometimes it is due to pressure by laws or the public to incorporate clean technology into a certain industry and to manage the necessary resources to prevent damage to the environment.

Nowadays the number of enterprises, that have included evironmental programs in their objectives, is growing. This is not only in order to comply with existing laws but also to help better preserve the enviroment.

These objectives, which companies set for themselves, are called EMS (Environmental Management Systems). They aim to:

Ensure compliance with environmental laws, prevent and identify the negative effects that their activities may have on the environment, analyze the possible risks and consequences arising from a possible accident, set opertional practices to follow in order to satisfy environmental objectives, set economic and staff policies which should be carried out in the case of an accident.

GRUPO TECOPY understands the chanllenges companies face and thats why we offer solutions for developing Environmental Management Systems such as:

  • Environmental policies.
  • Manuals and procedures.
  • Systems implementation in accordance with UNE in ISO 14001 and EMAS.