Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

All human activitiy is carried out with some objective in mind, but each activity implies certain collateral effects depending on the environment in which is it carried out. The goals may be positive while the effects effects produced in reaching these goals may be negative.

Environmental impact is the effect produced by human activity on the environment.

When we talk about environmental impact within the scope of business, certain concepts arise, such as: the Environmental Impact Assessment and the Environmental Impact Statement. The prior refers to the analysis and the predictable consequences of an event, and the latter refers to a followup document, which is required by the environmental legislation and is based on suppositions regarding the environmental effects predicted in the Environmental Impact Assessment.

An environmental inventory is required before taking any action on the environment; this inventory must include spatial limits, type of land use, a species census, preexisting activities, natural resource use...

In this way, a complete picture of the environment in which the action will take place can be established, thereby establishing potential environmental impacts. GRUPO TECOPY provides the necessary services, which allow companies to carry out the following activities:

  • Environmental Inventories
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Statement