Landscape Restoration

Landscape Restoration

It is a well-known fact that industrial and urban development produce significant deterioration of the environment and of natural landscapes. This is a reality, which we have learned to live with, but for many people it remains unacceptable.

Taking into account the previously mentioned sensitivity surrounding this issue in conjunction with the enormous interest in developing Spain for tourism, it becomes apparent that compliance with the current legislation on this matter is the best and only course, which consequently makes adjustment projects and restoration plans necessary.

Thus, GRUPO TECOPY works on all of the various phases of design and construction of landscape restoration projects, developing the necessary skills for flawless advice to aid in deciding on the different building materials and vegetation to be used in both functional and aesthetic aspects of the project.

The projects GRUPO TECOPY works on include:

  • Natural area adequacy.
  • Borrowing pit and quarry restoration.
  • Riverbanks.
  • Degraded areas.
  • Integration of infrastructures with the natural landscape: acoustic barrier, embankment revegetation …