PCI Geomatics

Within GRUPO TECOPY, COTESA is the only representative and distributor in Spain of PCI products, offering supply service, support, development and maintenance of Geomatics Solutions ®.

PCI software contains all the tools used for remote sensing, spatial analysis, photogrammetry and cartography and, therefore, is able to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Geomatics supports over 100 geospatial data formats offering solutions for all your processing needs.


pci geomatics



Geomatic Core

Geomatica is the product which sets the standard, offering dynamic solutions for all types of desktop geomatics applications. Geomatica Core includes:

Geomatica Focus - a work environment that includes a fully georeferenced tool, based on files for viewing and editing data in an easy-to-use interface.

The power of Geomatics OrthoEngine technology for the efficient production of geometrically corrected images, as well as mosaics.

Cartographic map production.

Standard capabilities of image processing including:

  • Improvement of image quality.
  • Filters.
  • Resampling, reprojection and trimming.

Analysis of optical satellite images including:

  • Atmospheric correction
  • Classification by neural networks
  • Spectral unmixing
  • Image classification based on pixel values
  • Contextual classification / blurred classification

Attribute management tools for data analyzing including:

  • Attribute Manager to view, edit and consult data.
  • The creation of charts


Geomatica Prime

Geomatica Prime is the complete suite of products wich includes all the abilities of Geomatica Core and the following additional functions:

Interactive and intuitive spatial analysis tools:

  • The creation of multilayer buffers
  • Combine (dissolve) the data based on attributes
  • Advanced Wizard for spatial overlap, statistics and suitability analysis.


RADAR analysis including:

  • Radar brightness generation
  • Texture analysis
  • Change detection trough SAR images
  • Backscatter generation (retroreflection) radar calibration
  • Multiple filters for speckled SAR data
  • Tools for processing airborne RADAR (AirSAR)


Hyperspectral data analysis including:

  • Extensive support for metadata
  • Spectral mixing and unmixing
  • Endmember selection
  • Spectra and scatter plots
  • A comprehensive desktop automation environment
  • Advanced model-based atmospheric correction
  • Spectral Angle Mapper
  • Modeling Language through a command line and scripts
  • Visual workflow for creating models
  • Efficient batch processing tools


Geomatics OrthoEngine modules
Applications which can be developed with PCI Geomatics
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