Remote Sensing and Satellite Images

Remote Sensing and Satellite Images

There, currently, exists a large amount of Earth observation data from commercial and scientific missions. Grupo Tecopy provides its clients with information on the status of this data and aids them in the acquiring and processing of digital images.

GRUPO TECOPY, through COTESA, has permission to sell images from a wide range of active and passive sensors and is specialized in the acquisition of very high resolution optical images from WorldView-1 and 2, QuickBird, Ikonos, GeoEye, RapidEye and Spot. Other sensors, through which it is also possible to get data through TECOPY, are: EROS GROUP A / B, FORMOSAT, KOMPSAT, Alos, Radarsat, etc.

The company´s policy is to provide customers with a comprehensive service covering all aspects required for image acquisition, from advice on the sensors and products that best suit their needs to the realization of personalized budgets and management as well as purchasing data.

Additionally, GRUPO TECOPY offers digital imaging services ranging from orthorectification processes to the development of other related, high-quality products.

For users who do not have the resources to carry out the process of acquiring images, GRUPO TECOPY offers IMAP, a system for producing high-capacity orthoimagery with its own unique design which makes product generation costs readily accessible to the user, thereby obtaining results in record time.

GRUPO TECOPY also creates products which deal with characterization of the physical environment (vegetation indices, land use categories, etc.) as well as longer duration environmental monitoring and is capable of generating complex, high-quality products by combining sensor data with data from other sources.

COTESA ensures compatibility of resulting data and information with the storage formats used by the main GIS software, CAD and graphic environments. GRUPO TECOPY, through COTESA, has signed agreements with several images distributors, which guarantee our customers access to the full range of available data from many different sensors and satellites. Notably, among the wide variety available, are:

  • Authorized reseller of Eurimage, licensed to sell in Spain all the products distributed by Eurimage, including QuickBird satellite data.
  • Authorized reseller of all products from the very high resolution IKONOS and GeoEye-1 satellites.
  • Authorized reseller of all products from the very high resolution IKONOS satellite.
  • Authorized reseller of all products from the very high resolution OrbView 3 satellite.
  • Distributor of RADARSAT satellite data.
  • Official distributor of IRS satellite products.
  • Official distributor of EROS satellites products.
  • Authorization to sell SPOT products to our customers.