Air Pollution

Air Pollution

The atmosphere is a set of layers, which are essential for the existence of life; thus every change we make to it has implications, which directly affect living things on the planet.

It is a complex medium, even more so when non-natural emissions are regularly being added in large quantities.

These emissions generate air pollution, which is unhealthy for humans, animals and plants. Pollution also involves changes to the chemical composition of different layers of the atmosphere, which causes climate change, acid rain and ozone destruction.

Given the above description, we can see how important it is to understand the way the atmosphere reacts to these emissions and to regulate them in order to avoid dangerous situations for the inhabitants of our biosphere.

GRUPO TECOPY is aware of the danger air pollution poses to life and, thus, has specialized services to control and regulate emissions.

Among the services offered are:

  • Measurement of the level of toxic pollutants in emissions and immissions.
  • Corrective measures for air pollution.
  • Dust and odor control.
  • Carbon footprint.