GRUPO TECOPY uses elements from the latest generation of earth-observing satellites to produce high-resolution thematic maps, which are a versatile alternative to conventional cartographic data and provide the added benefit of being able to update at a low cost.

Thematic Cartography uses base geography and derived mapping to customize and develop certain features, focussing on particular aspects.

Nowadays satellite images are widely used in many areas such as in base geography for small and large scale mapping; such images are especially used in large scale mapping given that very high resolution satellites are now available for civilian use. An important advantage of remote sensing (teledetection) is that it allows the client to continuously update their maps at a low cost.

Using these images and the extensive experience of its human team, Grupo Tecopy is at the forefront of this technology, offering its clients services adapted to their needs such as:

  • Vector mapping.
  • Vector mapping updates.
  • Raster mapping.
  • LIDAR data processing.
  • Geographic databases.
  • Quality control of mapping products.
  • GIS analysis.
  • Remote management of mapping projects via OGC services.
  • Generation of data models.