Geological Mapping

Geological Mapping

GRUPO TECOPY specializes in implementing geological mapping projects by integrating existing digital mapping and its structure with complex data models (such as the GEODE IGME scheme).

The services Grupo Tecopy offers in Geological Mapping are:

  • Data modeling.
  • Creation and updates of vector mapping.
  • Quality control of mapping products.
  • GIS analysis.
  • Geographic databases.
    • Standardization.
    • Reference System Changes (ED50 → ETRS89).
    • Metadata processing.

Tecopy group is able to handle the entire creation process of high quality geological mapping, from the design and implementation of data models on the RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) according to the customer’s needs, to the most sophisticated mapping including analysis, editing and the quality control needed to obtain the desired result.

Spatial data may be provided by the client or extracted, through analysis, from preexisting maps, such as spatial imagery, field data (GPS) or analogue information (paper maps) using a automatic or semiautomatic digital conversion process (vectorization).