Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, reducing energy consumption and its measured use are considered to be strategic goals for most production-sectors as well as end consumers (understood to be: industry, public and private buildings, service facilities, etc.)

For these reasons, GRUPO TECOPY makes an effort to offer mechanisms, which allow clients to attain desired cost and energy savings.

Regarding energy efficiency, GRUPO TECOPY offers a wide range of possibilities to our clients in the fields of technical consulting and specialized engineering. In all our projects, we aim to achieve excellence in order to better serve our clients.

Furthermore, GRUPO TECOPY offers to its clients the TECOPY EESystem platform, a multiprotocol web application which consists of advanced algorithms and monitoring, control and visualization systems of energy parameters. Thanks to Tecopy EESystems, the area of energy efficiency is capable to provide a continuous energy audit service and personal-costumed and specialized engineering which turns into a better management, supervision and control of the systems. TECOPY EESystem is made up of process-controlling systems as well, which drives to an integral management of its clients’ feasibilities and systems.

TECOPY EESystem is capable of monitoring and controlling the entirety of consumptions (electrical, water and thermal -gas, biomass, oil, etc.-) in addition to providing all kind of information regarding the environmental quality of the installation.

For more information about TECOPY EESystem, visit our web or write an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..