The term, Augmented Reality, originated more than 15 years ago, but only recently, due to its use with devices such as smartphones, tablets, pda's, etc., has it begun to arouse interest among the general public.

This integration and spread has caused an increase in the number of applications, which meet the needs of users.

GRUPO TECOPY has been able to see the potential of this technology, taking advantage of the multiple uses it offers, in order to satisfy the needs of its clients and improve the services, which it offers.

Thus we have created a professional trained and specialized team, capable of offering such services to our clients as:

  • Creation of applications for mobilesand other devices.
  • Development of applications that combine the use of augmented reality and mobility on different platforms.
  • Generation of layers for existing augmented realityapplications.
  • Solutions for the release and distribuition of georeferenced databases through the use of augmented reality.
  • Diverse applications in different fields such as staff training, education, tourism, etc.
  • Solutions for localization.