Geographic Information System

Geographic Information Systems, GIS, is a set of elements consisting of hardware, software and data or geographic information. These elements capture, organize, manipulate and study the referenced geographic information and satisfy the information needs of agencies, institutions and companies that require this information in order to run competitively.

GRUPO TECOPY is aware of the advantages of using this technology and thus has an experienced team of highly qualified specialists who offer the best and most advanced services related to GIS technology, adapted to the needs and demands of our customers.

Among the services offered by GRUPO TECOPY are the following:

  • Distribution of CAD and GIS software.
  • Sale of satellite images.
  • Advice and technical support.
  • Training.
  • Applications for municipal management.
  • Design of city guides, street maps, etc.
  • Integration of browsers.
  • Thematic GIS maps.
  • GIS technology used toward infrastructure and asset management.