Thematic GIS Mapping

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a system used to store, analyze, enter, obtain, and retrieve georeferenced data and spatial data to help manage resources, plan and make decisions in critical areas of development such as land management, the environment, transport, urban infrastructure etc.

The data is structured in a system of layers classifiend by categories and themes according to common characteristics.

Important to note: GIS not only locates objects in space but also displays information about related objects and their relationship within a given area.

GRUPO TECOPY has extensive experience in implementing Geographic Information Systems and its integration with other corporate systems. Our methodology combines a strong working knowledge of Open Source technologies with that of commercial software as well as its application to other areas.sig_tematicos2

  • Grupo Tecopy works with the following content:
- Navteq   - IGN
- Teleatlas   - INE
- Google Maps   - OpenStreetMap
  • Grupo Tecopy works with the following software: 


- ESRI - PostGis
- Autodesk - Geoserver
- Intergraph - MapServer
- MapInfo - GDAL


- OpenLayers... 


Traditional applications of GIS technology:

  • Geolocation: The location of offices, publishing services and web searches.
  • Geomarketing: Segmentation of customers by location, office positioning studies, portfolio segmentation, etc.
  • Geospatial risk analysis: Geospatial categorization of customers by location in conjuntion with risk maps.
  • Navigation and route generation: Logistics, automated customer routing.
  • Georeferenced inventories: Real estate, georeferenced assets, etc.

The increase in the number of map files, due to the proliferation of Geographic Information Systems, has made it necessary to organize and structure existing cartographic collections in a way which allows for their easy access and use, so that they are ready to serve concerned parties (government, universities, associations, businesses and citizens) and to offer a simple tool which will allows for the dissemination and download of complete cartographic data in compliance with the INSPIRE legislation.

The mapping service which GRUPO TECOPY provides includes the publication of maps and charts for web-viewing and download.

Map files contain metadata which means that their unique characteristics are saved within the file (year of flight, date of review, topological correction, output format, scale, projection system, datum, team, layer model, etc.); thus both the latest versions of the map can be viewed and downloaded as well as previous ones.

To facilitate the creation of thematic maps on this platform one can connect to any WMS (Land Registry, PNOA, etc.) as well as print in different formats and sizes, find places of interest (municipalities, towns , etc..) and change the scale of the map.

One can also track statistics regarding the number of connected users, pages and addresses from which the information has been accessed, the times of day with the most visits, etc. in order to categorize the users and see the level of success of the application.