Geoportals and Map Viewers

Geoportals are websites, which contain information and content geopositioned on a map.

Taking this into account, it is possible to say that the objective of a geoportal is to represent the information contained on a website on a map, determining an exact position and displaying the information based on certain visual requirements (different views, space to visualize etc.).

Map viewers are web tools whose objective is to display information on a map and to allow interaction with it, allowing the user to obtain information according to their needs. To achieve this, the viewer must have an interface that allows the user to control the scale of the desired information.

Some viewers also allow one to obtain information using different tools integrated into the viewer itself such as the measurement of lengths and areas, different display modes, etc.

GRUPO TECOPY offers the possibility to adapt and design applications and solutions for clients who want to incoroporate the use of geopositioning as a powerful web tool through geoportals and web viewers.