3D Systems

3D Systems

GRUPO TECOPY has solutions and advanced services, which deal with the visualization and representation of 3D information.

Consulting the cartography of an area, representing its buildings and developing this information using a third spatial component allow the client to understand the area with greater clarity and preceive new dimensions for further work and development.

Grupo Tecopy, through the GISWeb3D Project, has developed a global solution for the implementation of a spatial data infrastructure (IDE) in 3D. This solution allows for the use of IDE services and standards over the Internet through the representation of the area.

The many applications we work with include:

  • Spatial data infrastructures.
  • City management.
  • Equipment and infrastructure management.
  • Distribuition of statistical information.

Considering the evolution and acceptance of smartphones in our society, GRUPO TECOPY offers IDE solutions and services for these devices based on the “virtual globe” model.

The Glob3Mobile Project will allow the user to access a standards-based 3D globe on their iPhone, iPad, standard mobile or Android tablet. From their device, they will be able to look up the official cartography of the PNOA, the offices of their company or the equipment in a city and visualize them in the moment. Those who work in areas without coverage or want to work without a data plan have the possibility of navigating the 3D globe without a network connection.