Spatial Data Infrastructures

Spatial Data Infrastructures

In the past few years, Spatial Data Infrastructures (IDEs) have enjoyed a significant expansion fundamentally due to the development of the technology, the development of standards as well as the availability of georreferenced information.

Simply put, IDE is a set of tools and applications, which allow one to share and manage geographical information over the Internet.

GRUPO TECOPY is an expert, given our extensive experience (in terms of time and the number and variety of our projects), in the development, implementation and use of Spatial Data Infrastructures.

GRUPO TECOPY knows how to apply the different standards and norms to which geographical information is subject and to manage the communication and interoperation between the systems, which use this information.

The team of professionals which make up GRUPO TECOPY possess extensive knowledge and experience with such standards as:

  • GML - Geographic Markup Language.
  • WMS - Web Map Server.
  • WCS - Web Coverage Service.
  • WFS - Web Feature Service.
  • WFS-MNE (Nomenclator).
  • WFS-G (Gazeteer).
  • SLD - System Layer Description.
  • CSW - Web Catalog Service.
  • WPS - Web Processing Service.
  • Spanish Core Metadata (NEM).
  • Databases compatible with Simple Features.

We have also implemented other suitable technologies, according to the needs of each case, thus handling all other associated technologies as well:

  • Spatial Databases.
  • Open Source technologies.
  • Map servers: MapServer, Degree, GeoServer, ArcGIS Server, etc.
  • Development and integration of automatic information cache systems.
  • Implementation of Nomenclator services.
  • Implementation of catalogue servers.
  • GIS edited over the Internet. COTESA has developed a tool that allows for the editing of the geographical information over the Internet using the standard authenticated WFS-T.

Some of the main projects we have carried out are:

  • Carto-Ciudad (Carto-City): The OGC-CARTOCIUDAD project for the Geographical National Institute, which offered OGC services for advanced information over the Internet.
  • EIEL Valladolid: A tool designed for the public distribution of the Infrastructure and Local Equipment Survey created by the Department of Territorial Policy and made available to the general public.
  • IDEVALL: A spatial data infrastructure that offers cartographic information for the province of Valladolid.
  • IDEZOMIPO. A spatial data infrastructure for the Mining Area of Pino de Oro.