Main Projects


IDEVall: Spatial Data Infrastructure

IDEVALL is a free Web application, based on geographic information systems that allows users viewing and download urban and municipal mapping throughout the province of Valladolid, by municipalities and towns.

logtipo ociomovil

Mobile Leisure – Augmented Reality on Smartphones and Tablets for Leisure & Culture

The Cultural Agenda, published every single day by El Norte de Castilla, includes cultural information relative to concerts, exhibitions, theatrical representations, etc., holding place in the provinces in which the newspaper has relevant implantation. In order to increase the broadcasting and the number of potential readers, this publication will be displayed across the mobility channel and Internet, incorporating the last technologies in Augmented Reality.

logtipo cartociudad

Cartociudad – SDI Geoportal & OGC Services based on Oracle Spatial

Creation, on a GIS topological structure, of the Official Database and the street guide and road network of Spanish towns and other centres of population, for the General Administration of the State. To assure the geographical continuity in the whole national territory of this Database, by integrating digital cartographic sources with road and toponymic information obtained from the INE, the Postal Service and the Land Registry, using as a support the BCN25 database of the National Geographical Institute.

logtipo GeoCuenca

GeoCuenca – Territorial Information System

Implantation of a Territorial Information System that facilitates the municipal management in a geo-referenced way, besides offering on-line information services to the citizens, by using the cartography of the municipality. To lay the foundations for the implantation of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of the municipality of Cuenca. To take advantage of the LOCALGIS-Plan Avanza initiative, platform of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade and supported by important national organisms, as the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, the Ministry of Public Administrations, The Land Registry, The National Institute of Statistics, The National Geographical Institute, etc.

Diputacion de Soria

LocalGIS Diputación de Soria – Georeferenced Multi-Municipal Management

As a complement to the Digital Soria-Global Soria project, and in line with the implantation of a Spatial Data Infrastructure, it pursues the modernization of the municipalities of the province of Soria by means of the utilization of information technologies.


NFC Project Management Office for Orange

Being positioned as the central core in the NFC chain of value and reaching both the B2B and the B2C markets. Pilot projects development, based on this technology.

logtipo mapfre

Project Management Office for Mapfre’s TRON21 Backend Migration

Motivated by a change in the technological strategy of its suppliers, a migration from the transactional, supporting to MAPFRE's business operative, backend TRON 21 was decided. This technological change had to take place under the following determining conditions.

espacios universitarios

University Campus Building Management.

To obtain an Information System that allowed the automation and digitalization of the Inventory Process of assets, which are a part of the technological infrastructure and occupy a place in the different university spaces.

callejero valladolid

Valladolid Street Guide based on ESRI ArcGIS Server & Silverlight Technologies.

To replace the former municipal street guide application, in order to obtain a Web that meets the requirements of demanded, both by the Council and the Citizens: level of service, accessibility, response time, ease of use, etc. To improve the perception that final users have, guaranteeing the usability and access to the information that makes up the municipal street guide, within the New Municipal Web.

geoportal de hidrocarburos

Hydrocarbon GeoPortal – Georeferenced Fuel Prices in Spain

To provide a service to citizens trough which access to the best prices for closest petrol stations, to allow to transport professionals optimizing their fuel costs, to enable a channel for hydrocarbons and petrol stations operators for the publication of prices and to provide to the Administration of a tool for the generation of specialized reports.

logtipo localgis

LocalGIS – Georeferenced Municipal Management

To allow spatial management for the information of each local authority, in a way that is compatible with the official information provided by the Land Registry and the INE. To facilitate the administrative management of the municipal territory to local authorities, by consolidating related information. To bring municipal relevant information closer to the citizens trough Internet: municipal points of interest, urban development planning, heritage, environmental, cultural, tourist, demographic economic, etc… information.