Call / Contact / Mail Center

Call / Contact / Mail Center

We have a Call/Contact/Mail Center with 18 internet-connected workstations to carry out studies and communication campaigns. Our call center team is experienced in carrying out these tasks and provides quality and added value to the projects.

Telephone platforms for CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) studies

  • Telephone surveying.
  • Monitoring of call status and productivity.
  • Sample and call oversight.
  • Coding, debugging and validation of responses.

Helplines and support by telephone

  • Assistance in all kinds of studies through the activation of free helplines.
  • Support in increasing study response rate.
  • Support for optimization of campaign output.
  • Fixing appointments, confirmation of attendance at events.

Mail Center and SMS Gateway

  • Support and reinforcement for all type of studies through incident management, surveys received on mail platforms, etc.
  • Campaign reinforcement.