Market Research

market research

At GROUP TECOPY, we are available to carry out research studies in many of the areas our clients need.

Surveys of public opinion. We have been involved in projects which center on the citizen:

  • Barometers regarding lifestyle and satisfaction (patients, users of a given program or service, etc.)
  • Sociological studies focused on specific groups like women, youth, seniors, etc. and applied to a wide variety of areas of social interest, such as equality, civic participation or training.

Economic studies; helping businesses make decisions on future strategies and business opportunities.

  • Studies of production structure, analyzing the economic activity in a given area as a key to its development.
  • Sectorial studies to establish potential in a given sector, in order to improve a company’s market position.

Market research, through consultancy, with the purpose of identifying the image, attitude and satisfaction of customers as well as current and potential users, thus improving B2C relationships.

  • Determining the market position of products, companies and services, identifying potential and opportunities for improvement in order to develop strategies to achieve that potential.
  • Attitude studies, consumers’ and users’ likes and needsin order to:
    • Identify possible diversification of business, which could cause a rise in market share.
    • Achieve greater satisfaction with a product or service.