Tourism is very important on both an economic and a cultural level. The interdependence of stakeholders (government, hoteliers, travel agencies, restaurants, etc.) and fierce competition force this sector to adapt to tourist demand with agility. One of the most important areas for tourism is publicity and promotion: a tourism project is worthless if it is not known about.

The use of information and communication technology in mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is increasingly common in our society; this opens up new possibilities for the dissemination tourist information. Taking into consideration the increase in demand for information on these devices, COTESA has developed tools for the publicity and promotion of tourism, such as geoportals and mobile and augmented reality applications. These tools, developed using free software, allow our customers to offer high quality services. Maintenance of the applications is simple and does not depend on specialized companies to load and edit information.

Our mobile applications for tourism are directed toward the positioning and publicity of sites of interest, the promotion of traditional products, the communication of cultural heritage and the management of cultural routes and itineraries.

With augmented reality, tourists are even able to view any type of information superimposed onto the actual space: text, images, audio, video, etc. As it makes up a significant percent of the GDP, tourism projects require a multidisciplinary team, such as that of COTESA, to succeed.

Projects carried out by GRUPO TECOPY in the tourism sector:

  • Geoportal for tourists and mobile applications for the publicity of “Products of Excellence” in Eixo Interior (northern Galicia and southern Portugal).
  • Camino del Cid, publicity of Sites of Cultural Interest and landmarks on the route using mobile devices and a self-maintenance application.
  • Camino de Santiago, publicity of Sites declared by UNESCO as World Heritage.