Application Process

To apply for a course, please follow the following steps:

1st- Prior to course registration:

Your company will be able to benefit from the new model for continuing education by filling out and signing the following documentation:

Send original documents to:

Enclave Formación SL.
Parque Tecnológico de Boecillo
C/ Luis Proust nº 17
47151 Boecillo - Valladolid - España

Please indicate on the envelope: "Referencia: Curso de Formación Continua"

Once the documentation arrives at Enclave Formación, we will contact the company to validate the submitted information. Enclave Formación will inform you of the requested course start date or of any modifications in the case of a change. Enclave Formación will request a photocopy of the student’s ID card and of the heading of his/her payroll receipt. Upon receiving all the required documentation, Enclave Formación will submit it to Fundación Tripartita for admission and verification of the right to voucher credit.

The deadline to cancel your participation in any course will be 8 days before its commencement.

2nd.- The course and final assessment:

During the course:
The course is on-line and its length will depend on the course.
Before starting the course, students will receive an e-mail with their username and password, which allows them to access the Enclave Formación platform, which contains the course content.
EStudents may contact the professor of the course via e-mail on the platform, traditional e-mail or with a phone call, during the hours established for this purpose. The professor will reply as soon as possible.
A forum where students can raise issues for discussion or ask questions will be available.
Enclave Formación will inform the client in writing of the terms under which the course will be billed.

The end of the course:
Each course will have one or more self-assessments, which must be passed to get the certificate.
Enclave Formación will send an Academic Progress certificate to each student.

3rd.- Vouchers and required documentation:

To obtain voucher credit, it is necessary to:

Send the following originals:

  • Participant Form.
  • Business Partnership Agreement (see Agreement document).
  • Authorization for disclosure to employees or employees' legal representation (if the company has union representative/s).
  • Have paid for the Enclave Formación Course.
  • Have done the self-assessment/s.
  • Have received the Academic Progress Certificate from Enclave Formación.

After the course has ended, your company will immediately receive a voucher for the exact amount of the course fee to be claimed in section 601 of the next TC1 presented or on the new complementary TC1 document for companies with less than 10 workers. Because Enclave Formación has correctly registered with the Public Administration, the latter will automatically be accepted and the credit granted without having to submit any additional documentation.
Companies must record all related expenses or allowances in their accounts or under a specific heading including the word: "Training”.
Enclave Formación S.L. saves all documentation for a period of 5 years and must provide it to Legal Authorities in the case of any allegations or an inspection.