The amount of credit for training:
Under the new legislation, each company has access to credit for training which may be cashed in once the training has finished, by applying Seguridad Social vouchers, as long as the employer has selected the training option for the Seguridad Social payments paid.
The amount of credit given to companies:

For companies with 1 to 5 employees: a maximum, one-time amount of 420.

1.- Amount of credit

The amount of credit granted will result from applying a percentage to the amount received by the company for vocational training during the previous year (approximate, estimating that in 2006 each company received an amount, equivalent to 0,7% of all base payments to Seguridad Social, for vocational training).


Company Size


 % Voucher Credit

From 6 to 9 workers



100 %



From 10 to 49 workers



75 %



From 50 to 249 workers



60 %



More than 250 workers



50 %



2.- Obligation to jointly fund company training

Depending on the size of the company, one may have to finance a percentage of the training fees. The amount to be financed by the company may include the salaries of employees who receive training during their working day.


Company Size



Joint Financing



From 1 to 5 workers



0 %



From 6 to 9 workers



5 %



From 10 to 49 workers



10 %



From 50 to 249 workers



20 %



250 ó más trabajadores



40 %



CREDIT SIMULATOR: Click here to access the simulator to calculate company credit.