Intersectoral Programs


These include programs, carried out by GRUPO TECOPY, aimed at the training of individuals in transverse capabilities across various spheres of economic activity.

They are carried out in accordance with the same regulations as our sectorial formation:

Vocational Employment Training is directed mainly at employed individuals, as stipulated in the Royal Decree 395/2007, 23 March, under which the Subsystem of Vocational Training for the Creation of New Employment is regulated. Its purpose is to provide employed individuals with the qualifications that they may need throughout their professional careers, so that they can adapt their knowledge and practical skills to the demands of companies in any given moment and become more competitive professionally. (Bocyl, 5 October 2010)

These courses are open to professionals from any business sector, as long as they belong to an Autonomous Region, which subsidizes the System of Employment Training.

In order to carry out effective training in this area, we handle all of the activities comprising a subsidized training process:

  • Administrative processing in order to correctly set up and register the program.
  • Publicity in order to attract students.
  • Search for experts in the matter to be taught.
  • Document management.
  • Coordination and surveillance by the whole technical team.
  • Realization of the training course.
  • Final justifications after course end.