Orientation, Training and Integration Programs. Training for the Unemployed

Training for the Unemployed

Strongly committed to integrating professionals into a more and more competitive market, GRUPO TECOPY carries out projects specially designed for unemployed individuals, which include not only in-person training but also orientation and professional integration.

Participants in these activities not only acquire specific theoretical knowledge in the classroom but also develop practical experience in real companies, getting to know the reality of each job, the work environment and what is required of the employee in each position for which they are being trained.

We take special pride in the orientation process in which each participant, individually guided by an orientation expert, focuses their work on the development of the areas in which they are most lacking. It is in this way that we adapt our program completely to the needs detected in each individual.

This whole project is financed by subsidies provided in part by the European Social Fund to carry out orientation, training and professional integration as part of the Employment Plan for the Castile-Leon Region.

The general objective of the aforementioned Plan is the improvement of the employment situation, which consists of the creation of new employment and the maintenance of existing employment, improving its stability and quality. The Plan aims to promote the integration of unemployed individuals into the labor market, to protect them from further unemployment and to foster equality in employment opportunities. Additionally, the plan hopes to encourage employed individuals to seek self-employment as well as to create their own companies. This Plan sees training as the key to the employment policies, given that providing workers with new qualifications is the best way to increase their employability and thereby, increases the productivity and competitiveness of business. This Plan also constitutes a Strategic Plan for subsidies in the terms laid down in article 8.1 and the thirteenth additional provision of Law 38/2003, 17 November, and in article 4 of Law 5/2008, 25 September, concerning Subsidies in the Castile-Leon Region.