Vocational Training

vocational training

Vocational Employment Training is directed mainly at employed individuals, as stipulated in the Royal Decree 395/2007, 23 March, under which the Subsystem of Vocational Training for the Creation of New Employment is regulated. Its purpose is to provide employed individuals with the qualifications that they may need throughout their professional careers, so that they can adapt their knowledge and practical skills to the demands of companies in any given moment and become more competitive professionally. (Bocyl, 5 October 2010)

Carrying on the GRUPO TECOPY policy of offering high-quality, tailor-made training to meet the particular needs of every participant, we carry out training aimed at professionals from specific sectors (engineering, health, self-employed workers, small businesses), which allows us to deal uniformly with the demands received from each sector.

In this way, GRUPO TECOPY organizes training plans aimed primarily at workers and cofinanced by the European Social Fund; they are managed in collaboration with some of the most representative non-profit organizations in each sector. This process allows us to personalize our courses for each of our associates but, at the same time, ensure a homogeneous offer in terms of content.