Personalized Training

Personalized Training

With the hectic pace of modern society and the demands of everyday life in mind, we have designed online courses for those who want to pursue a continuing education. GRUPO TECOPY believes in online training that enables students to tailor a course to their needs.

The demands of each course are designed based on the individual needs of each participant. Whether it’s through syllabi unique to each company or by paying attention to the individual needs of each student, our courses adapt training to real needs.

With online learning, it is not necessary to wait for a minimum number of students to begin a course; students can join successively, a factor which favors the pace of learning and ensures optimal progress.

GRUPO TECOPY believes in tracking each of its students’ progress regularly. The main disadvantage of online learning is that students must have a higher degree of discipline while in the course. Therefore our course mentors have an important role: they must maintain a suitable pace for all the students and ensure that the students participate in the course, avoiding anything that might be deemed too static or monotonous.

To achieve this, GRUPO TECOPY works with each and every one of its participants to make each course dynamic and interactive with individualized, weekly feedback sessions so that they can express their opinions on areas of interest, a comfortable pace of learning, expectations, satisfaction and ways to improve the course.