Infrastructures and Transport

Continuous inovation into different ways of understanding and managing different means of transport, always with the objective of creating a sustainable system of mobility for citizens, has allowed GRUPO TECOPY to continually adapt to the changing social reality and, thereby, offer its clients the best service available.

GRUPO TECOPY has extensive experience drafting informative studies and designs of land transport infrastructures for both the central and regional governments.

We offer a wide range of technical assistance on transportation services to satisfy customers’ needs. The multidisciplinary character of GRUPO TECOPY’s staff (engineers, architects, economists, geographers, statisticians, etc.) allows us to find a solution to any problem. Our professionals can solve any challenge, providing the best solution, quickly and cheaply, and adapting it to the client’s needs.

Our expertise covers all phases of civil engineering and transport projects. For this reason, GRUPO TECOPY can offer the following services: Planning, Design Drafting, Expropriation Procedures and later in the process, Control and Supervision of Construction, Development of Key-Performace Indicators, Fieldwork, Reports, Social Participation Plans

Some of our most notable projects have been in relation to the development of new railway lines on the Spanish high-speed network, the integration of these high speed railways into urban areas, and the design of railways corridors, such as Madrid-Levante, Madrid-Barcelona-French border and Leon-Asturias.

Through the Spanish Transport Infrastructure Plan, GRUPO TECOPY has carried out noteworthy designs and studies for the General Direction of Highways of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, such projects as highways in el Duero, la Plata, Cantabria-Meseta, Medinaceli-Soria-Tudela, Cieza-Fuente la Higuera, Burgos-Aguilar de Campoo, Navarra, el Camino de Santiago, etc.