Linear Works Projects and StudiesGRUPO TECOPY has extensive experience drafting transport infrastructure projects as well as informative studies for both the central and regional governments.

Over the last fifteen years, we have designed more than 800 km of high capacity roads and over 200km of high velocity railway in Spain. Through this experience, we have, thus, been able to develop into a highly specialized multidisciplinary team.

This expertise covers all plases od civil engineering projects, such as Design, Project Drafting, Expropriations and the Control and Monitoring of Construction.

Our most notable work has been in relation to the development of new lines on the Spain high-speed network, the integration of high speed into urban areas, and projects on corridors such as Madrid-Levante, Madrid-Barcelona-French border and Leon-Asturias.

Through the Transport Infrastructure Plan, GRUPO TECOPY has carried out projects for the General Direction of Highways of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (Spain). Such projects have included highways in el Duero, la Plata, Cantabria-Meseta, Medinaceli-Soria-Tudela, Cieza-Fuente la Higuera, Burgos-Aguilar de Campoo, Navarra, el Camino de Santiago, etc. among others.