Road Safety Consulting and Auditing

Road Safety Consulting and Auditing

Road safety is one of the principal objectives of road infrastructure management. It aims to reduce road accidents and, thereby, their tragic human and social consequences as well the associated economic costs. For this reason, GRUPO TECOPY develops studies and projects which center on road improvement as well as the reinforcement of road and highway safety equipment.

GRUPO TECOPY carries out a wide range of activities, which deal with the management of road safety. Thus road safety management is approached, using such studies and projects, at different phases of each infrastructure project. For example:

  • Planning and design: Present safety criteria are analyzed to determinate the most optimal criteria.
  • Construction and Execution of Infrastructure: Safety criteria are checked to ensure the maintenance of optimal conditions.
  • Entry into Service and Operation of Infrastructure: Optimal safety criteria are checked once again, and in the case of any problem, it is defined and the appropriate measures are enabled.

List of available services :

  • Trend analysis of accident rate on section, roads or areas.
  • Analysis and signal evaluation of section, roads or areas.
  • Analysis of the influence of meteorological variables on traffic variables.
  • Study and definition of alternative routes for adverse traffic situations.
  • Study and definition of temporary road safety measures in specific cases of adverse traffic conditions.
  • Impact studies on road safety.
  • Road safety audits.
  • Road safety inspections.
  • Road safety plans.