Traffic and Sustainable Urban Mobility

Traffic and Sustainable Urban Mobility

GRUPO TECOPY designs urban spaces, portions of as well as whole municipalities, with integral solutions that solve the intrinsic problem of urban mobility and traffic.

The mobility patterns of citizens are analyzed to detect the transition between “the compact city” and “the dispersed city” that has transformed metropolitan areas into huge unlimited areas without a coherent planning.

The objectives achieved by GRUPO TECOPY to enhance the traffic and urban mobility are:

  • To improve the quality of life of citizens, particularly disadvantaged groups.
  • To improve the security conditions in different environments.

List of available services:

  • Analysis and diagnosis. (In order to define the state of mobility within an established geographical area.)
  • Household mobility surveys.
  • Manual traffic test gauging.
  • Development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.
  • Development and Implementation of Special Action Plans for specific areas such as road networks, parking, signage, the environment, architectural barriers…