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We manage “mobile mapping” data acquisition and processing. A technology which generates a cloud of LIDAR points and 360º images that create detailed 2D and 3D mapping, for asset inventory and urban zones, motorways and railways.


The results achieved by means of this technology are the following:

  • Basic products: trajectory data, LIDAR point clouds and 360º images, data collection, cartography generation, field self-testing.
  • Derivative products: processing and classifying the LIDAR point cloud, generation of DTMs, curves, digitalization, mapping and asset inventory.


  • Massive data capture in movement, 100 km/h.
  • Normal 50 km/h (profiles every 3 cm).
  • Direct map generation.
  • Field self-testing.
  • Outputs of 150 urban km/week.

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  • Localization and inventory of service infrastructures related to:
    • Fire hydrants.
    • Poles (light, telephone, electricity).
    • Overhead cables (light, telephone).
    • Traffic signal inventory.
    • Landscaping management and tree felling.
  • Large-scale topographical survey of motorways and railways.
  • Digital maps and 3D mapping.
  • Management of georeferenced assets.
  • Mapping road markings, tunnels, bridges and motorways.

Project references:

Generation of land registry/property mapping of the ATE district via LIDAR mobile mapping technology:

Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB) is a Latin American multinational company within the electricity and natural gas energy sectors, with operations in Colombia, Peru, Guatemala and Brazil. We focus on the growth and development of large companies in territories where we work, with solid and transparent corporate governance with regard to shareholders.

LIDAR data acquisition and inventory for the tunnels on the M-30 motorway:

This project contracted by the Madrid City Council consists of the data acquisition of 200 kilometres worth of tunnels of the M-30 using Mobile Mapping technology to map and inventory the elements within these tunnels, with 1:1000 scale mapping of the entire municipal area.

Inventory of 850 km of the Spanish Motorway Network.

Remote Sensing Control verifies the use and the surfaces, of the agricultural grounds included in the single aid applications made by farmers, by using techniques of remote sensing. It is divided into 5 primary parts: Preparation of original data, photo-interpretation, evaluation, field visit, generation of results.