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We bet on smart businesses by creating new communication mobilty channels

iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps are based on NFC and GIS technology, and respond to the needs of all sectors: transport, interactive public services, tourism, business promotion, augmented reality tools, 3D viewers, gamification processes.


  • Improve the productivity of business processes.
  • Applies ICT solutions to mobility.
    Integrates corporate systems and the use of geolocation technologies.
  • Field knowledge of worker location, as well as the status of their activities.
  • Real-time information on worker availability.
  • Real-time notification and scheduling of new activities.
  • Lack of resources to respond in real time to incidents detected.
  • Improved security.
  • Guaranteed work fulfilment.


  • Monitoring and certification of presence.
  • Asset management.
  • Time stamps.
  • Online/Offline Mode.
  • Georeferenced data.
  • Graphic editing.
  • Time management and work order planning.
  • Report generation.

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