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We offer tourism managers content control, cost savings on management and publicity, data on users and visitors, generation of reports and statistical data to assist in strategic decision-making.


Technical consultancy services for defining tourism resources (monuments, unique spaces, museums…) and tourism services (hotels, restaurants geared towards tourists…) and web applications for tourism dissemination adapted to the tourist 2.0.

  • Multilingual with easy-to-use tools for guided data entry.
  • Module for devising personalized tourism experiences.
  • Link to activity on social networks.
  • Design with a visual and attractive focus.
  • Developed using open-source CRM software.
  • Connected to other devices of tourism dissemination such as mobile phones, urban screens, eBeacons.
  • Integration platform for the professional sector (hotels, restaurants…).
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and questionnaire models for quality control.
  • Geoportal for tourism dissemination.
  • Structured around tourism-related issues.
  • Personalised travel journal.
  • Possibility of incorporating user reviews.


Analysing tourism demand is a critical factor in the process of tourism planning anywhere.
This solution provides technological mechanisms that allow us to analyse tourists (their numbers, their characteristics, and the motivation behind their use of the tourism resources available at our destination). It incorporates a scoring panel which helps to analyse in real-time, tourist profiles, their demands and available capacity at tourism information points.

  • Pollster data. Person who introduces the information, location reference of polling device, date and time.
  • Tourist segmentation: type (single, couple, family or group), age, number of persons, nationality, postcode.
  • Means of transportation (private vehicle, bus, caravan, bicycle…)
  • Accommodation type (hotel, hostel, pension, house or rural tourism centre, camping, caravan, youth hostel, others).
  • Duration of the stay (1 day, weekend, number of days).
  • Source of knowledge regarding the tourism offer (internet, the media, previous visits, print marketing, travel agencies, fairs, family or friends, others).
  • Consultation interests (general information, nature and landscape, art and history, culture and tradition, gastronomy, rest and relaxation, others).


Technical consultation for the analysis, diagnostics and technical proposals for municipal tourism signalling through the use of new technologies to interact with visitors and tourists.
From QR or NFC codes to the installation of beacons for Bluetooth connectivity, all elements are constantly monitored and can be programmed for certain actions.

  • See detailed information on a tourism resource/service.
  • Access an audioguide.
  • See a tourism video.
  • Execute tourism survey module.
  • Ask a question on tourism trivia.
  • Launch a tourism announcement (for example, notifications regarding guided tours, offers…).
  • Implement marketing and customer loyalty actions.
  • Contact the municipal tourism office.


Technical consultancy services for defining tourism resources (monuments, unique spaces, museums…) and tourism services (hotels, restaurants geared towards tourists…) and disseminating information via the app.

  • Friendly and attractive apps with direct access to information of interest and multimedia content: video, photos.
  • List view of elements and map with georeferenced information.
  • Developed in multiple languages simultaneously.
  • Visualization in augmented reality mode.
  • Direct calling, links to social media, email.
  • Route calculation by mode of transport.
  • Connection to audioguides.
  • Accessibility: automatic reading of texts and the ability to change font size.
  • Configure tourism experience based on user profile.
  • By formulating trivial questions and answers.
  • Tourist passport: digital stamping of elements upon physically visiting them.
  • eBeacon connectivity for personalized notifications from the Municipal technical management platform.
  • Cultural programme and tourism event programme.


Designed to respond to one of the most important aspects of tourism management, it offers an analysis of real-time and pre-existing data of all that occurs with the city at the tourism level.

  • A rapid and efficient visual analysis for medium and long-term decision-making on tourism.
  • Analysis of parameters based on all sources of tourism information.
  • Analysis of queries based on tourism offer and demand. It is possible to segment the figure of the tourist and obtain valuable information with which to create tourism offers, promotional packages and tourism routes. The graph outputs facilitate periodic report generation of date ranges for macro-analysis and the definition of tourism trends.