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Our street maps and Spatial Data Infrastructures are specially designed to offer geographical information on municipal governments, provincial councils, regional governments and any other public entity.

Street Maps

Developing digital street maps for public administrations.

Solutions and Services:

  • Advanced tools for information visualization, consultation, search, editing and data mining.
  • Integration with other corporate applications.
  • Intermodal calculation of routes.
  • Geoservices implementation.
  • Geolocalisation of addresses.
  • Developing custom widgets, plugins and add-ins.
  • Compliance with WMS and OGC standards.
  • Responsive design for multi-platform visualization.

Spatial Data Infrastructure (Sdi)

Developing Spatial Data Infrastructures.

Solutions and Services:

  • Developing geospatial displays for geographical information.
  • Designing data models.
  • Creating surface entities.
  • Integration with other corporate systems.
  • Geoprocessing and geocodification services.
  • Developing customized tools.
  • WMS and WMC services.
  • Compliance with INSPIRE implementing rules, OGC and REST standards.

Project references: