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Technological Developments

Our technology development area meets our clients’ needs in the area of education with innovative and high-tech solutions.

Some of the technical services we provide are:

  • Custom e-learning platform development:The design and configuration of online training environments to support digital content used for e-learning. Developed in Moodle environments with Open Source technology, they are customizable platforms that are compatible and accessible from any mobile device.
  • Digital training communication and interaction tool development:The creation of video classrooms and innovative teaching resources such as webinars, master classes, simulations, forums and interactive chats.
  • Mobile application development:We set up mobile applications for Android and iOS devices that meet users’ training needs wherever they are. Our multi-platform and multi-device applications are developed based on the main existing mobile platforms.
  • Virtual reality development for learning:Training development under immersive environments that offer students a different kind of learning process that is often exclusive since specific practice can be done in environments and/or with simulated elements which are not readily accessible in other learning formats.
  • Learning management system and training support software development.