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Training Project Management

Our services not only include defining training plans through our training consultancy and developing virtual content and learning technology developments, but we’re also experts in the comprehensive management of all types of training projects.
In this field, we offer our clients the following services, among others:

  • Comprehensive training programme management and coordination services including administrative procedures and specific documentation. The ENCLAVE team includes highly qualified professionals with immense work experience to develop, manage, coordinate and supervise specific training plans.
  • Human resources recruitment and provision for project development:With our extensive portfolio of expert collaborators in a number of different subjects, we can offer trainers, tutors and advisors to conduct precise training and orientation activities for different training projects.
  • Training plan dissemination and communication services to recruit students
  • Equipment and/or platform provision services to conduct the training:
    • Either physical equipment provision to offer onsite training
    • or an e-learning platform and digital resources and tools for online training, also providing in such case the necessary technical support for proper user assistance with the virtual environment.
  • Training quality control services with training process supervision, student satisfaction measurement and/or academic results analysis.

We have extensive experience providing these and other services linked to the comprehensive management of diverse types of training projects.

  • Continuing training for employees of public or private entities:We work with public administrations and private companies to detect their employees’ training needs. We also work on continuing training projects announced by various public entities such as federations of municipalities and provinces, provincial governments and public schools.
  • Specialized training:
    We’re specialists in the development of online post-graduate programmes.
  • We work to be able to provide university Master’s programmes with the best digital content on the market for online methods.
  • We provide technology solutions to enhance the quality of university distance learning programmes and provide comprehensive services for their education programmes.
  • Subsidized Training:National or regional publicly funding training for workers and/or the unemployed and different initiatives for the Occupational Training for Employment Subsystem.