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Grupo Tecopy acude a la Jornada de Modelización Numérica en Ingeniería de Presas

Last November 25th, the College of Civil Engineers of Madrid, together with the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Spancold, organized the “Numerical Modelling in Dam Engineering” Conference, an important event to which Grupo Tecopy was invited to present about the civil engineering sector. On the one hand, our colleague Eduardo Conde participated with an interesting presentation on the Printing project, developed by our company in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the CIMNE. The project consisted in taking images of dams through drones and their integration into the dam monitoring system. The presentation established a methodology for the detection of pathologies in the wall of factory dams, through the treatment of photographs taken from a drone and Machine learning techniques of pattern search. Among others, this method allows detecting fissures, humidity, vegetation growth and anomalies in the dam face, quantifying its risk and making possible to track its evolution over time. Without a doubt, it is an innovative and very useful system that allows us to see the exceptional application of ICTs in the civil engineering sector.

On the other hand, in the afternoon session and from “the vision of the modellers”, Eduardo Salete intervened with a masterly lecture entitled “Seismic calculation of the Coaque dam“, located in the province of Manabí, in Ecuador. Manabí is an ideal enclave for this type of structures, but faces a problem capable of affecting its design: the high seismicity of the area. In this sense, the presentation analyzed the methodology used to make the seismic study of the area and its impact on the dam, so that it has been possible to preserve its initial configuration avoiding extra costs in the project.

The day was also full of discussions and debates, where different perspectives and technologies applicable to the field of dam modelling and engineering were presented.  An event, therefore, that served for networking and the generation of opportunities with other companies and collaborators.