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Implantación de Grupo Tecopy en Marruecos mediante una filial

The Spanish company GRUPO TECOPY CARTERA EMPRESARIAL, S.L. has decided to set up a subsidiary in Morocco in order to represent the companies comprising the group under the same name, Cotesa y Tecopy S.A, in view of possible projects to be developed in this country over the next few years. This new opening was co-funded by ICE (Institute for Business Competitiveness).

Part of a mainly commercial strategy, the set-up took from 26 May 2017 to 30 July of the same year and has achieved greater representation as well as a stronger brand image for both companies united under the Group name.

The expectations with the opening of this new subsidiary included consolidating their presence in the country by creating a single company with tax representation and the same rights as other Moroccan companies. This increases its competitiveness with an increased offer as it may bid on contracts requiring national companies.

Support from Moroccan companies that conducted a feasibility study of the implementation was necessary for the GRUPO TECOPY, S.L. international expansion as it did not have the experience or knowledge needed to handle the subsidiary creation process in Morocco.