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Grupo Tecopy participará en congreso CivilDRON'17

Drones have lately been stirring up immense interest among society.

Aware of this interest and the activities being developed around these new aircraft, the Region of Madrid held a first conference in 2015 with great attendance.  Following the success of the first one, a second conference was organized in 2016 and, just like the first, it was heavily attended by sector professionals and exhibiting firms.

Aware of this, the Region of Madrid wanted to organize a Congress in 2017 once again.

CivilDRON’17 is a congress on the intriguing world of drones which are being included at a mindboggling pace as a very valuable tool for an endless number of activities which continue to grow in number and originality.

The opportunities for companies at this congress are obvious from design engineering and manufacturing to the development and use of drones with new sensors and telecommunications systems.  New industrial sub-sectors are beginning to form with a bright and hopeful future.

Therefore, of course, Tecopy Group will be participating in the congress with a presentation on Wednesday 25th January at 3:45 p.m. entitled “ECODRON Mapping: Dam Monitoring and Surveillance with UAV Technology” by Aurelio García Rochera (COTESA) and José David Pablos (TECOPYSA).