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TECOPY, S.A.U realiza un proyecto de expansión internacional

TECOPY, S.A.U carried out several commercial missions during the months of October, November and December 2018, framed in an international expansion project, with the aim of strengthening its commercial relations and its international presence. In total, seven trade missions were carried out in four objective countries, identified as optimal places to implement the commercial expansion strategy and develop the different activities carried out by the company.

  • Cameroon Commercial Mission 1 (Oct 15- Oct 19 2018)
    The objective of this commercial mission was to have a well-defined approach to the procedures, requirements and actions to be carried out in the face of future bidding processes in the country. The activity was carried out by Mr. Juan José Guijarro, as Director of the Infrastructure Business Line, holding meetings with different public entities, such as the Ministère des Travaux Publiques, as well as with the company ZENITHE Insurance and with a consultant Engineering independent of the country. Thanks to the information obtained in the different meetings and consultations, after this commercial mission Tecopy S.A.U was able to present two tenders in the country.
  • Cameroon Commercial Mission 2 (Oct 22- Oct 25 2018)
    The objective was to acquire an adequate methodology to face future bidding processes in Cameroon and clarify the questions that arose during the first commercial mission. The activity was carried out by Mr. Pablo Torres Blanco, as Project Manager. It is worth mentioning the meeting with the Ministère des Travaux Publiques, as well as with the French Development Agency (AFD). After this second commercial mission, TECOPY, S.A.U. achieved a methodological and practical approach to be able to present to tenders in the transport and road construction sector. In addition, it obtained relevant information about the projects, the financing, procedures and requirements to present to offers financed by the AFD.
  • Nicaragua Commercial Mission (Nov 13- Nov 17 2018)
    The objective was to analyze whether the country was still interesting for international expansion, as well as assess whether it continues to offer opportunities. The activity was carried out by Mr. Félix Zamorano, as Director of the Infrastructure Business Line in Latin America. For this, meetings were held with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit to assess whether the country remained an optimal place of expansion despite the difficulties arising from the political crisis. During the different business meetings it was concluded that Nicaragua is still an optimal place to continue our international expansion efforts. Results of this decision are reflected in the intention to participate in the different bidding processes that have been launched in the country.
  • Ecuador Commercial Mission (Nov 19- Nov 23 2018)
    The objective was to establish contact with different public organizations in Ecuador in order to open new business opportunities in the area of hydraulic and hydrological projects and studies. The activity was carried out by Mr. Héctor Perotas Van Herckenrode, as Head of Hydraulic works projects. The most relevant meetings were held with the Public Water Company and with the National Secretariat of Water, which also contributed to promoting the approach to new offers in this sector and to publicize the projects and capabilities of our company, strengthening commercial ties with these Institutions.
  • Morocco Commercial Mission (Nov 21- Nov 23 2018)
    The main objective was to establish new relationships and contacts with the most attractive clients, in order to obtain new contracts. The activity was carried out by Mr. Juan José Guijarro, as Director of the Infrastructure Business Line. Several meetings were held, including the one held with the Directorate Provinciale de l’Equipement, du Transport et Logistique et de l’eau de Marrakech. This commercial mission was of the utmost importance for the company due to the few projects achieved in Morocco in the last year and the bad business prospects in the country. Thanks to the meetings held, it was possible to expand and maintain commercial relations and, in particular, to evaluate two possible engineering tenders, which were subsequently awarded to us.
  • Cameroon Commercial Mission 3 (Nov 26- Nov 30 2018)
    The objective was to strengthen relations and business opportunities in the Tecopysa Hydraulics business line through meetings with companies in the sector. Mr. Pablo Torres Blanco attended the commercial mission, as project manager. It is important to mention the meetings with relevant companies in the hydraulic sector, such as Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation (CAMWATER). After this third commercial mission, the commercial ties with two companies in the Hydraulic sector were strengthened: Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation (CAMWATER) and EGIS CAMERUN. In addition, better advice on tender financing was achieved thanks to the meeting with the Caisse Autonome d’Amortissement and the relevant explanation of the collection process in the country. As a result, TECOPY, S.A.U evaluated different projects in the Hydraulics sector to develop Cameroon.
  • Misión Comercial Camerún 4 (Dic 10- Dic 14 2018)
    The main strategy was to assess the quality of the previous missions carried out in the country. The strengthening and consolidation of commercial relations requires a relatively frequent presence in the country and with customers. The activity was carried out by Mr. Juan José Guijarro, as Director of the Infrastructure Business Line. The meetings with the Ministère des Travaux Publics stand out again. As a result, it was observed that the different missions were fruitful in terms of greater participation in the new offers published in the country, especially in the field of engineering. We can understand from these results that greater commercial narrowing was achieved.

For this international expansion project, TECOPY, SAU has had the help of the Institute for Business Competitiveness (ICE) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of the grant program to finance international expansion projects of the SMEs of the Community of Castilla y León.