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Tecopysa Cotesa Enclave Fundación Tecopy
Rafael Fran Palazón, gerente de Tecopysa (Grupo Tecopy)
Rafael Fran Palazón, manager of Tecopysa (Grupo Tecopy)
Rafael Fran Palazón, manager of Tecopysa (Grupo Tecopy)

Our engineering business unit, Tecopysa, has been the successful bidder for the technical assistance tendered by the Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Ministry of Transport), whose total budget exceeds 1.2 million euros, to develop surveillance control tasks on State-dependent roads in the provinces of León, Palencia, Salamanca, Valladolid and Zamora.

The added value that Tecopysa brings to this type of task derives from the incorporation of new technologies, which allow traditional surveillance work to be carried out with a constant and updated flow of online information.

According to Rafael Fran, “this is a comparative advantage of our company, a consequence of the important effort made by Grupo Tecopy in innovation; and specifically, in this case, in the treatment of high-resolution images, both from satellites and drones, as well as LIDAR data”.

The award of this project joins others already achieved in the previous months both in the areas of Extremadura and Asturias, as well as the award of another technical assistance tendered by ADIF for the drafting of the Madrid-Extremadura high-speed line construction project, section from Arroyo de Santa María to Navalmoral de la Mata, as well as the remodeling and integration of the Navalmoral station.

As a result of the great work and effort of its professionals, these new success stories are achieved, and we hope that the evolution continues to be so positive for our different business units.