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TECOPYSA supera la auditoría de ISO 50001:2018 y mantiene en vigor su certificado que acredita el sistema de gestión de la energía

On April 21, Tecopysa faced the energy management audit in accordance with the international standard ISO 50001, that expresses the requirements of an energy management system, and successfully passed the task.

Maintaining the certification of a standard of such a reputation shows commitment and promotes the continuous improvement of the company in this specific area. Once again, the auditors of the certifying company have positively judged the set of actions aimed at maintenance and energy optimization that are carried out in the Boecillo building , such as interventions in the lighting system, monitoring of efficiency and health or progress towards management models within the framework of methodologies for calculating the carbon footprint.

Our Boecillo building is equipped with sustainable equipment and installations, such as the biomass boiler, the geothermal heat pump, or the Air Treatment Unit equipped with powerful biological filters, installations that improve the energy management of our building and that allow to preserve the A energy rating, qualified as the most efficient and sustainable according to the parameters and scale of the Directorate General for Energy and Mines of the Junta de Castilla y León.

TECOPYSA passes the ISO 50001:2018 audit and keeps in force that its certificate that ratifies the energy management system