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TECOPY, S.A.U. carried out several commercial operations during the months of October, November and December 2018, as a part of an international expansion project, with the aim of strengthening its commercial relations and its international presence. In total, seven commercial visits were undertaken in four target countries, identified as optimal places to implement the commercial expansion strategy and develop the different activities carried out by the company.

In Cameroon, four commercial operations were displaced due to the interesting offers in the market and the business opportunities in the country. TECOPY, S.A.U. held various meetings with the Ministère des Travaux Publiques, with the French Development Agency (AFD), with the hydraulics company CAMWATER, and with EGIS CAMERUN, among others. These reunions were a great opportunity for the expansion and future business of TECOPY, S.A.U, as a greater commercial approach was obtained and the analysis of present and future offers was improved.

In Morocco, commercial missions were carried out in the city of Rabat, with the main objective of establishing new relationships and contacts with the most attractive clients. Several meetings were held, including one with the Direction Provinciale de l’Equipement, du Transport et Logistique et de l’eau de Marrakech.

Another trade mission was conducted in Ecuador to open new business opportunities in the area of hydraulic projects and studies. The most relevant meetings were held with the Public Water Company and the National Water Secretariat, which also contributed to the promotion of new offers in this sector and to making our company’s projects and abilities better known.

In Nicaragua, meetings were conducted with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit to assess whether the country continued to be an optimum place for expansion despite the difficulties arising from the political crisis.
Several business directors participated in the meetings of the trade missions, following an agenda previously agreed with the different representatives of the public institutions and the selected companies.

For this international expansion project, TECOPY, S.A.U has had the help of the Institute for Business Competitiveness (ICE) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of the program of grants to finance international expansion projects of SMEs in the Community of Castilla y León.