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Instalación TECOPYSA en Almazán

Grupo Tecopy engineering designs a photovoltaic installation in Almazán that reduces by 25% the electricity bill resulting from pumping water supply.

Roberto García (Grupo Tecopy CEO)
Roberto García (Grupo Tecopy CEO)

Our business unit specialized in engineering, Tecopysa, has specialized in innovative water and energy management projects, and has designed the solar photovoltaic installation promoted by the City Council of Almazán (Soria) to improve the management of water supply.

The project has been carried out in a plot next to the municipal water treatment plant and allows using the solar energy generated to pump water from the well to the supply cistern, located at the top of ‘Cerro Cinto’.

The total budget of this municipal initiative, which counts with the collaboration of Idae and Feder funds, has amounted to 133,274.24 euros.

According to our estimates, this project will reduce the electricity bill by 25% compared to the cost of pumping water to the supply tank prior to its commissioning, also contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by more than 60 tnCo2/year.

The surplus energy generated is discharged to the general grid in accordance with current regulations, which govern self-consumption with compensation.

The design made by Tecopysa, whose execution works have been in charge of Icoenergía, has contemplated the installation of ‘solar trackers’, in order to increase the productivity of the plant. In addition, the pump has a frequency ‘variator’, which allows it to operate in a variable mode depending on the solar contribution, as well as to further reduce consumption by allowing a finer adjustment of the pump’s operating point.

Within the framework of this project, Tecopysa carried out the initial analysis of the installation, from the consumption study and regulatory analysis to its economic viability; as well as the installation project, the waste management study, the assistance in the bidding process, the processing of permits and licenses, the management of the execution of the works and the health and safety coordination.

Areas of activity

Grupo Tecopy engineering has used the know-how acquired over the years in the world of infrastructures and water to export this knowledge to other countries, which has led to its consolidation in the international market, with a stable presence in the European Union, Cameroon, Morocco, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

Tecopysa’s diversification process has enabled it to offer services in areas as diverse as energy, environment and water resources.
This way, the company participates in the revision of the third cycle of the hydrological plans (2022-2027), in the drafting of hydraulic infrastructure projects, in the management of some areas within the hydrographic demarcations or in the development of complex calculation models to support the drafting of projects or the supervision of works.

As for energy services —whose main activity is the design and supervision of works in the traditional fields of industrial engineering, especially in the renewable energy sector—, it manages industrial and building installations, renovation of outdoor lighting, renewable energy projects, photovoltaic self-consumption installations or energy efficiency projects, as well as energy audits, energy management of buildings and specific studies of machinery performance and industrial refrigeration installations.