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TECOPYSA has been in business for 30 years, becoming a reference in Spain in each of its lines of business in the field of engineering and the application of cutting-edge technologies to the different projects it executes. Without losing its essence, Tecopysa is in continuous search of new fields of activity providing added value to its customers. And so it has been, within the framework of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, which provide a framework for working towards sustainability and its different aspects, trying to reformulate its projects to provide them with solutions that help combat climate change, the reconversion of the energy management model and the reduction of atmospheric emissions. The Next Generation funds will be the fund and mechanism that, among others, will help finance projects in these areas, so it is necessary to continually readapt and seek excellence, and that is where Tecopysa brings its value and its powerful solutions. Specifically, the Industry and Energy line is increasingly involved and growing exponentially in the renewable energy sector in order to respond to the international objectives set out in the Framework Directive on climate and energy for 2030.

Thermal, photovoltaic and wind power generation projects are carried out with the highest quality and incorporating the accumulated experience in energy efficiency, thinking about the operating costs of the facilities.

In addition, it offers its clients a wide range of possibilities within the fields of technical consultancy and specialized engineering. It is supported by a highly qualified multidisciplinary technical team and on the other hand has the Certifications: ISO 50001 – Energy Management, ISO 9001- Quality Management and lastly ISO 14001- Environmental Management System.

We also provide public and private clients with the technical assistance necessary to access the grants promoted by MITECO within the Next Generation funds.

Likewise, energy audits continue to be carried out in buildings and Industry according to the requirements of Royal Decree 56/2016, of February 12, 2016 (partial transposition of Directive 2012/27/EU) as well as Public Lighting Audits, monitoring and energy management of buildings and facilities, in order to optimize consumption and reduce energy costs. These works are combined with innovative developments oriented to the calculation of emissions and carbon footprint, so that customers can make optimal decisions in this regard.

In short, La Línea is firmly committed to the high quality of its projects, always striving for excellence and with the sole purpose of satisfying the client’s needs under the motto “A job well done is a job well done“.