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La UTE Cotesa-TYC-PGOU Rosario redactará el PGO de El Rosario (Tenerife)

The winning company of the public tender for the drafting of the new PGO is Cotesa-TYC-PGOU Rosario. It has been awarded the drafting of the General Planning Plan for the municipality of El Rosario, in the metropolitan area of Santa Cruz.

After signing the contract, a public consultation phase begins. The City Council of El Rosario and the drafting team of the new General Planning Plan (PGO, Plan general de Ordenación) have launched several participation mechanisms that are channeled through a web page through which citizens can participate in the preparation of the document, consult the documentation as the drafting process progresses and send suggestions to study its incorporation into some of the phases of the process.

The new web portal was presented at a meeting in which the company’s multidisciplinary team detailed the content of the web.

This public consultation prior to the preparation of the Draft Plan and the Initial Strategic Document, is intended to gather the opinion of citizens and the most representative organizations potentially affected, about the problems that are intended to be solved, the need and opportunity of regulation, the objectives pursued and the possible alternative solutions.

Subsequently, the PGO drafting project will continue to advance and we are sure that our colleagues who make up the drafting team will do an exceptional job. Congratulations!!

El Rosario (Tenerife - Spain)